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Mindful Literacy

An adaptable Literacy and Social Emotional Learning curriculum

written by teachers for the engagement and success of every learner.



Mindful Literacy is an adaptable social, emotional curriculum rooted in literacy practices to help students develop both SEL and reading skills in a whole group setting. Our curriculum includes explicit instruction in both the social emotional competencies and the literacy guiding principals. 

Mindful Literacy was created by teachers in order to bring quality, research based literacy instruction to all students,

no matter the setting. Mindful Literacy may be implemented in the classroom, resource/therapeutic settings, or in

after school and summer programming. Therefore, we consider a teacher to be any adult that has direct interaction

with children and the motivation to help them become better readers and writers. This curriculum was designed to

be straightforward and very user friendly, so that teachers do not need to have a formal education background to use these tools to help students progress in their literacy proficiency.

Mindful Literacy will help students develop skills in five key areas: 

  • Self Awareness

  • Self Management 

  • Relationship Skills

  • Responsible Decision Making

  • Social Awareness


Why SEL?

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is often something we expect students to inherently know without explicit instruction. However, many students need guidance when developing self-awareness and social skills. This curriculum takes into account that high-quality literature is the ideal opportunity to learn about the five key competencies of social emotional learning.

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has established five areas of growth for youth to explore. These competencies build on each other and depend on students having the opportunity to become self-aware before turning their attention to social situations. 


Kit & Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to be flexible and can be used in a variety of settings. It is appropriate for classroom use as well as after school or summer programming. It is our belief that anyone who works with students is an educator and our curriculum reflects the need for easy to follow lessons that any one can use to plan and implement lessons.

At the heart of this curriculum, students will learn about the five key Social Emotional Competencies through diverse and engaging texts. In addition to developing these skills, students will also be exposed to foundational reading concepts to increase growth in reading and writing. Reading skills covered in this curriculum include: comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and writing in response to reading. 

The lessons were written with the Kentucky Academic Standards Guiding Principles and Interdisciplinary Literacy Practices in mind. In the Curriculum Guide, you will find a key for which principles and practices are addressed in each unit. Because this is a flexible curriculum, we were sure to address many Guiding Principles and Interdisciplinary Practices in each unit. We know that no curriculum is a “one size fits all” curriculum. No group of students has the same needs from year to year or even from classroom to classroom. So, every lesson is designed to allow for adjustment for your exact group of students at this exact moment.

Included with this curriculum is a kit with each text and many of the items you need to complete the lessons, along with an Appendix and Student Workbook with master copies in a convenient place so you can make any copies that you may need.



What To Expect:

Below is an example of what one week of The Mindful Literacy Curriculum lessons will look like.


Watch Erin teach a vocabulary lesson from Unit 1, Jabari Jumps below. When you purchase Mindful Literacy, you will gain access to other videos like this to help implement the curriculum in any setting!

Check out this free sample unit below!


I Would Rather Be Reading

I Would Rather Be Reading (IWRBR) is a nonprofit in Louisville, Kentucky that provides equitable access to literacy education and social emotional learning to children with backgrounds of trauma. IWRBR teamed with an exceptional group of teachers to write Mindful Literacy. Mindful Literacy is an adaptable Literacy and Social

Emotional Learning curriculum written by teachers for the engagement and success of every learner.

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