Mindful Literacy

An adaptable Literacy and Social Emotional Learning curriculum

written by teachers for the engagement and success of every learner.



Mindful Literacy is an adaptable social, emotional curriculum rooted in literacy practices to help students develop both SEL and reading skills in a whole group setting. Our curriculum includes explicit instruction in both the social emotional competencies and the literacy guiding principals. 

Mindful Literacy was created by teachers in order to bring quality, research based literacy instruction to all students,

no matter the setting. Mindful Literacy may be implemented in the classroom, resource/therapeutic settings, or in

after school and summer programming. Therefore, we consider a teacher to be any adult that has direct interaction

with children and the motivation to help them become better readers and writers. This curriculum was designed to

be straightforward and very user friendly, so that teachers do not need to have a formal education background to use these tools to help students progress in their literacy proficiency.

Mindful Literacy will help students develop skills in five key areas: 

  • Self Awareness

  • Self Management 

  • Relationship Skills

  • Responsible Decision Making

  • Social Awareness